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My name is Crystal.
Music is my escape.
I like Cookie Monster.
I eat dogs.
Just kidding.
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#Part3 (at University Center (UC))

#Part2 (at University Center (UC))

forgot I had this video from the comedy show 😂 #FFCS #Part1 (at University of Memphis)

#TRDONNA (at August 31, 2014)
Got drenched at the football game last night, ignore Rico cause this was suppose to be a selfie. #ButThatGameTho (at Liberty Bowl Stadium)
cause they play too much 😂 (at University of Memphis)
Me and the bestie got to meet Chico Bean, Darren Brand, and Osama Bin Drankin last night. they did a GREAT show for us, had my cheeks hurting at the end of the night. #FFCS  (at University of Memphis)
we went to get our physicals last week.  (at The Little Clinic inside Kroger.)
look who’s on the front page of the U of M’s website.
Chavez, Ashley, and I

this was actually the first day we met Chavez two years ago

#NewStudentConvocation #Freshmen #ThrowBack #2YearsOnMonday #TimeFlies (at University of Memphis Michael D. Rose Theatre)
#ShoutOut to Tutweezy for the likes this morning. he’s a man of many talents, check him out on the tube sometime. he’s also kinda cute, so there’s that too. ✌️